Standard RTD's

SensorTec's complete line of Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's) offer an unparalleled combination of quality, performance and price to meet todays changing market. To meet a broad range of requirements, SensorTec has designed RTD's in three specific temperature ranges: the "L", "M", and "H"

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples (MgO)

SensorTec, Inc. utilizes the highest quality MgO (magnesium oxide) insulated metal sheathed cable available in all MgO thermocouples. All cable meets or exceeds all applicable ANSI/ASTM standards. MgO insulated thermocouples have many desirable characteristics (i.e. fast response, compact size, broad temperature range, formability, weldability, durability, accuracy, thermal shock and vibration resistance). These characteristics make the SensorTec MgO insulated thermocouple an excellent choice for virtually all laboratory or process applications.

Plastics/Packaging Industry T/C's & RTD's

SensorTec’s high quality sensors for the plastics, packaging and rubber industries provide an economical means of temperature sensing and are available in several standard thermocouple and RTD configurations.

Industrial Thermocouples

SensorTec’s industrial thermocouples are used in high temperature applications, such as those listed below. Several calibrations are available as well as various mechanical configurations. Contact SensorTec for technical assistance in choosing the correct industrial thermocouple for your application.

Thermowell Assemblies & Thermowells

SensorTec offers a complete line of thermocouple and RTD thermowell assemblies and thermowells. Whether you are looking for thermowell assemblies for a large industrial project or a few replacement units, SensorTec can meet your requirements.

Food, Dairy & Pharmaceutical Probes

SensorTec’s line of temperature probes for the Food, Dairy, Beverage & Pharmaceutical industries, is made of the highest quality materials and workmanship. SensorTec’s extensive research and development on the construction of these probes has lead to some of the most durable and accurate probes available in the industry.

Temperature Transmitters & Instruments

SensorTec offers a full line of temperature transmitters for head or rail mount applications. A temperature transmitter typically converts the sensor signal to a current output that is proportional to the input temperature. The transmitters are offered in head mount, DIN rail mount, and even local indication if needed. There is also a unit that utilizes the HART Protocol for remote configuration and monitoring.

Wire & Accessories

SensorTec Inc offers a full line of wire, cable, and accessories for the temperature sensing industry. From plugs, jacks, and panel connectors to thermocouple and RTD wire, we can help you complete your project. We also offer additional accessories for the plastics/packaging industry, which are located on pages P-21 through P-23 in the Plastics/Packaging section of our catalog.